Youth Ministry(YMPACT)

Our Mission Statement

The Youth Ministry exists to reach youths for Christ, to help them grow in their faith, to care for one another and to offer themselves in service to Christ.

Our Vision

What do we want to see?
- Every youth a disciple

History of YMPACT

YMPACT started in 2000 with just over 20 youths. Back then, we were known as ISS, Intermediate Sunday School, and we were based in the Peace Cove. Spiritual growth was slow and lethargic and many felt that change was important for the Youth Ministry.

In 2001, after some changes to the ISS structure, we started a new worship team and moved from the Peace Cove to the Aldersgate Hall. We came to be known as the PMC YM. Coming to church then became an exciting time of meeting God. The number of youths doubled and many were challenged into a deeper relationship with God. The next 3 years would be a time of learning what worked and what did not, with respect to the development of the Youth Ministry. As the Youth Ministry continued to grow, there was much talk of a youth service, but for many years that remained a dream. However in 2005, PMC underwent a building extension project, and we were challenged to rebuild ourselves structurally as well as spiritually in preparation for 2006, when we had the resources to start a youth service. 2006 was a new beginning for the youths in PMC. With a new Chapel that we had moved into on Sunday mornings, we could now have a youth service to cater to the growing numbers in the Youth Ministry. We held a competition and put the submitted entries to a vote, before deciding on YMPACT as our name. This serves as a lasting reminder of how we want to make an impact in our community. Currently standing at over 200 strong, we desire to be a shining light and an impactful force in Pasir Ris and the communities in which we find ourselves.

Moving past the stage of infancy, YMPACT will continue to strive in growing for the glory of God's Kingdom. We ask that as you read this, you will pray alongside us, for God's favour to continue to shower on His ministry in YMPACT, and that His people will continue to hunger and thirst for His righteousness.


The YMPACT Youth Ministry meets weekly on Sunday, from 9:00am to 10:30am at the Chapel on Level 4. On months where there is a fifth Sunday, we all join the rest of the church at the main service. If you are looking to join us, we will be more than happy to welcome you!

We gather for a time of prayer, praise and learning of God's Word. YMPACT is led by Pastor Chan Siew Chye, Bertrand Tan (Chairperson) and Graham Rozario (Youth Worker). From 9:00am to 10:30am on Sundays, we have our YMPACT service where we have a speaker sharing on a seasonal topic, or teenage issues from a Christian perspective. And from 10:30am to 11:30am we break up into Small Groups to discuss what we learnt during the sermons. These Small Groups are catered for our youths, aged 13 to 16, and led by youths 17 years old and above. The purpose of these groups is to develop a redeeming and caring community in YMPACT, to provide each youth with a comfortable environment to grow in, and to ground them in Spiritual Truths. Youths aged 17 to 25, have their own Life Groups during the week for similar purposes, and to develop strong friendships and accountability between each other.

We also have occasional fellowship events for the youths to have fun and get to mingle and know one another better, within Small Groups or levels. Past activities conducted include Amazing Races, Food Hunts, barbecues and playing all kinds of sports. We now have Love Feasts where we come together for a great time of fellowship over awesome food, fun, sharing with each other and praying for one another. The yearly end-of-year Youth Camp is another great time of experiencing God as a community of young people wanting to know Him in a deeper manner. The Youth Lounge is available for your enjoyment, with a collection of board games for fun and fellowship! Do contact the Church Office to book the Youth Lounge if you ever want a place to hangout!

Contact Us

For more information on our various activities, please contact us at

You may also contact the Youth Worker, Graham Rozario, by calling the church office at 65840297 if you have any enquiries.