Boys' Brigade(BB)

23rd Company

The 23rd Singapore Company of the Boys' Brigade began in 1965 as a youth organisation of the church when it was located in Koon Seng Road. After the church relocated to Pasir Ris, the company became a co-curricular activity of Springfield Secondary School while remaining an organization sponsored by the church. Our aim is to nuture Christian values in boys, in keeping with the BB Object to advance Christ's kingdom through the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect, and all that tends towards Christian manliness.

We provide meaningful and enriching programmes of spiritual, physical and social interests, organized and conducted by Christian volunteers serving as officers in the Brigade. Some of our activities are co-organized with the Girls' Brigade. Our activities span from the outdoors to indoors, and through these activities, the boys are trained in qualities such as strength of will, mutual survival skills and commitment.


The Boys' Brigade meets on Saturday, 9:00am at Springfield Secondary School.

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