Boys' Brigade (BB)
The Boys' Brigade in PMC is the 23rd Singapore Company. Our goal is to nuture boys into Godly men.
Sunday school is for toddlers and children from nursery up to Primary 6. Classes are available at both the English and Mandarin services.
Family Life
The Family Life ministry firmly believes that healthy family units form a basic environment in which responsible teachings can be imparted, moral values disseminated and, where love is shared and the worth of each person is affirmed.
Girls' Brigade (GB)
The Girls' Brigade in PMC is the 44th Singapore Company. We aim to help girls mature in the likeness of Christ.
The Mandarin Sunday Service is held at the Chapel on Level 4 at 11.00am. There are Bible classes and small group meetings held in church and in the homes of members during the week.
At PMC Men's Ministry, our goal is to invite all men into a spiritual journey with Him to discover for himself what God's plan is for him.
Peranakan/ Indonesian
The Peranakan Ministry was the first service that was held in PMC. Through God's blessings, its members have remain faithful and are able to continue its unique form of worship through the years.
A vibrant ministry for seniors aged 55 years and above. Here at Seniors Ministry, we cultivate a loving and caring community among the elderly, upholding one another in prayer and spiritual growth through the teaching of God's holy Word and weekly sessions of praise and worship.
Social Concerns
The ministry is dedicated to provide training, enrichment and support to PMC worshippers and their families. For those who are struggling with challenges in life, counselling is provided to encourage them with hope, assist them with truth and restore them with love.
Sports Community
The Sports Community brings together church members who love sports and want to enjoy it with fellow members and friends.
Women's Society of Christian Service (WSCS)
Here at PMC's Women's Society of Christian Service (WSCS), women can grow, blossom and develop to their full potential with the guidance, blessings, protection and encouragement of the church leadership.
Youth (YMPACT)
Are you curious about what YMPACT means? It stands for the Youth Ministry making an impact for God on the youths in our church and everyone out there.