Sermon Recap & Discussion


Sermon Date: 4th November 2018

Text/s: Mark 12:28-34                       

Title: Reach Out In Love

Speaker: Mr Raymond Low

(The sermon recording and slides can be found on the PMC website and MyPMC App.)


Key Lessons


How can we witness to the love of Christ and make a difference in the lives of others?

·         Love God with our all. Love for others flows out of His love for us and as we love Him.

·         Love others for who they are - God's creation.

·         Love others just as Christ showed the way for us.



Digging Deeper into Scripture


Read Mark 12:18-44


Context – Jesus has entered Jerusalem (11:11) where He predicted He would suffer at the hands of the chief priests and scribes, be killed and raised again. So far, the focus of Jesus’ ministry has been on the Temple, the centre of Jewish hope and confidence. Jesus prophesizes judgment on Israel (11:12-25, 12:1-11) because they do not produce the fruit of righteousness that God desires. They follow the letter of the Law but their hearts are far from God.


The leaders of Israel confirm the judgment of Jesus as they continue to assail Him with hostile questions. This pattern is carried on in 12:18-44 where the Jewish leaders continue to try and trap Jesus. However, there is also hope for some of Israel, who understand the heart of the Law. Much of the passage revolves around the correct interpretation of the Old Testament.






1)      Consider Mark 12:18-27 – The Sadducees were a group of religious leaders who rejected the resurrection and the afterlife. In doing so, they were also denying the reality of God’s judgment. This was a major concern back in Jesus’ time. 


a)      How did the Sadducees try to trap Jesus (12:18-27)?




b)      In what manner were the Sadducees wrong?





2)      Consider Mark 12:28-34 – Why does Jesus say that this particularly scribe is “not far from the kingdom of God”? How is he different from the Sadducees?





3)      Consider Mark 12:35-40 – How does Jesus describe the false religion of the scribes?





4)      Consider Mark 12:41-44 – How is this widow different from the scribes and Sadducees?







MAIN IDEA: If possible, as a LG, draft a sentence that captures the main idea for Mark 12:18-44.    





APPLICATION: How can we live out Mark 12:18-44 in the coming week? How can we apply this Main Idea to our lives?